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LED Speaker Rings.
Light Up Your Cooler Stereo.

Deck out your Radio Cooler with Blue,
Red, Green, White or Yellow LED rings.

100% Functional As A Cooler.
Our Technology At It's Finest.

Even with so much Marine Audio built into your custom Cooler
Radio, you can still keep all your favorite drinks ICE COLD. From,
our fine craftsmanship, to our enormous Marine Audio selection,
IceChestRadios.Net has maximized the use of your Radio Cooler
by providing for all your cold storage needs.

Play & Charge
Any Phone / Mp3

12V power outlet on every Cooler
with Radio model charges your
phone. Play your phone via,
Bluetooth, Aux in, or, USB

Completely Customized For You.
1000's Of Options. Pick Yours.

Whether your Cooler Stereo needs LED rings,
custom logo, upgraded speakers, charger,
upgraded amplifier or battery, customize your
Cooler Radio how you want it. Just click each
individual Stereo Cooler model, and choose
any additional options for a custom Radio
Cooler, unique for your enjoyment.

60qt Wheeled Ice Chest Radio w/ 2-100 Watt Waterproof Speakers 60qt Wheeled Ice Chest Radio, Cooler Stereo w/ Kenwood Marine AM/FM, USB, AUX IN, CD, MP3, WMA Receiver w/ Pandora capability & 2-150 watt waterproof speakers. Fill your Kenwood Cooler Radio w/ your favorite drinks and crank up your favorite music. Red 48qt Ice Chest Radio w/ 2-100 Watt Speakers 48qt Kenwood Ice Chest Radio, Cooler Radio w/ 2-100 Watt Speakers
60qt Wheeled Cooler Radio, Radio Cooler w/ 4X52 Sony Marine Audio Stereo AM/FM, CD, MP3, WMA, AUX IN, with Remote, 208 watt 4 ch amplifier & 2-140 watt Sony Marine Audio waterproof speakers. This Cooler Stereo will keep your drinks cold & music louder. 60qt Kenwood Marine Audio Cooler Radio, Stereo Cooler w/, a 4X50 Kenwood Marine In-dash AM/FM, CD, MP3, WMA Receiver, Pandora & iHeart Radio Link, Android compatible with Kenwood Music Control app, along with 2-150 watt waterproof speakers 45qt Yeti Kenwood Ice Chest Radio, Cooler Radio w/ 2-150 Watt Waterproof Speakers 165qt All Terrain Ice Chest Radio w/ 4-120 Watt Waterproof Speakers
165qt All Terrain Ice Chest Radio w/ 2-100 Watt Waterproof Speakers 100qt Sony Ice Chest Radio w/ 2-140 Watt Waterproof Speakers Custom Build Cooler Radio, Build Your Own Ice Chest Radio 60qt Wheeled Ice Chest Radio, Cooler Radio w/ Waterproof In-Dash Marine AM/FM-MPX PLL Tuning Radio w/ USB/SD/MMC Reader, 4x50 Watt Power Output, Front Aux/SD/MMC Input, and 4-120 Watt 6.5" Waterproof Speakers!